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Video of Old World Wisconsin – Eagle, Wisconsin

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Old World Wisconsin

Map of Old World Wisconsin

Facebook page for musician Yuriy Kolosovskiy

Wisconsin Magazine of History

Wisconsin Historic Sites and Museum

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Video of Parfrey’s Glen, Wisconsin State Natural Area – Baraboo, Wisconsin

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Parfrey’s Glen has been established by the state of Wisconsin to protect and perserve its native plant and animal communities for scientific study and research, and for the teaching of conservation and natural history. Public use is limited to the Glen trail because of the fragile and unique characteristics of this environment.

Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area

Map of Parfrey’s Glen (PDF file)

Wisconsin State Natural Areas

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Video of Rosholt, Wisconsin

Rosholt is in the northeast corner of Portage County along the Flume Creek. In 1867, Jens Rasmussen, who came from Lolland, Denmark, purchased land and improved a beaver dam here to furnish power for a grist mill. In 1885 the dam was acquired by John Gilbert Rosholt for a sawmill. A community grew around the sawmill. In 1893 a post office called “Rosholt” was established and in 1907 the village was incorporated.

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Video of Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Santa Fe lies in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the foothills of the Rockies. The ancient Indians who settled here thousands of years ago,the Spanish colonists who established a frontier town circa 1610 and the millions of visitors today understand that Santa Fe is a magical place. Back in 1912, in recognition of the city’s unique heritage, officials enacted laws requiring that structures be built in historic Pueblo Revival and Territorial architectural styles. Outside Magazine recently chose Santa Fe as one of the 30 Best Towns in America. It is one of the 1,000 places to see before you die.

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Tohono Chul Park – Tucson, Arizona

Tohono Chul Park is a privately funded, not-for-profit desert preserve in the Sonoran Desert on the northern edge of Tucson. The Santa Catalina Mountains form a backdrop for the Park’s natural desert habitat. Richard and Jean Wilson created the Park in 1985. This 49 acre Park has 300 species of cacti and succulents, 150 species of shrubs and trees, and 50 species of wildflowers. Thirty-eight species of birds make their permanent home at the Park while another 57 species visit the Park seasonally. In addition to the numerous trails and gardens the Park has museum shops, a tea room, greenhouse, performance gardens, an art exhibit house and education facilities on site. In 2005 it was designated as an Arizona Treasure by the governor.
©2008 John Wanserski for Creative Juice LLC

Tohona Chul Park

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Video of Agawa Rock, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

The Agawa Rock pictographs are located on a rock outcropping extending into Lake Superior in Agawa Bay. Some paintings are at least 1500 years old, while others may only date back to the 1800s. “Agawa” means “sacred place” in the Ojibwe language. The Ojibwe believed that spirits concentrated in the rock outcroppings of the Lake Superior shore, which belonged to the mysterious domain of the powerful Ojibwe sea monster Mishipizheu (also known as the Great Horned Lynx). The first printed reference to the Agawa pictographs occurred in ethnographer Henry Schoolcraft’s 1851 study “The American Indians. Their History, Condition and Prospects.” The pictographs, recount the daring crossing of eastern Lake Superior by a fleet of war canoes, led by the warrior and medicine man Myeengun, with the blessing of Mishipizheu.

Lake Superior Provincial Park – Ontario, Canada

Agawa Rock Pictographs trail

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Video of San Rafael Swell, Utah

The San Rafael Swell is a geographical feature in southeastern Utah on the Colorado Plateau. It is about 50 miles long and 30 miles wide. This 600,000 acre area along Interstate 70 has many unique and spectacular landforms. Some of the landforms are slot canyons, sandstone cliffs, mesas, buttes, springs and canyons. Most of the area is under the management of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Early Mormon settlers eked out an existence by ranching and taming the herds of wild horses that still roam the area. Some uranium mining was done in the 1950’s. There are Native American rock art sites and the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry to explore as well.

San Rafael Swell

San Rafael Swell (Wikipedia entry)

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